Happy 10th Blog Anniversary + The Anti Public Filter

Everyone has public filters. I know when I don't have to use mine, I feel my best. When people ask me serious questions and want a serious answer, I use my public filter. I give them an answer that is honest but filtered ... simply because I don't want to intesify the serious conversation. Especially if that person is a stranger.

Hashtag no filter.

Lesson number one in social interaction: If you want a genuine exchange with a person, don't start out with something personal. Start with a tap dance ... or something substantially less stiff and intimate. 

And know that if the first exchange you have with a person is "How's the new job?", you're going to get a goddamn filter.

Photo by Emily Finley

Photo by Emily Finley

(Yes, the new job is tough and I am doing my best! And, dammit, you unwavering metal heads!)

(Yes, I've made this same social mishap many times too! Boo hoo!)


A co-worker once told me he thought I was on drugs after he read one my old blogs. He didn't get one of my jokes. Perhaps it was poorly written. Perhaps my sense of humor is just f-ed ... I use caffeine, alcohol and SSRIs. That's about it. So thanks A LOT, dude. I hope you're reading this. #nofilter


...Yeah, I hope people realize the non-serious, lighthearted nature of my blog. Humor and creative self-expression are very important to me. So is humankind. Words can sometimes backfire.... but this blog is nothing more than an outlet for random thoughts and ideas, which come to my head by the truckload. So If you don't like my blog or are questioning my sanity, then you most definitely don't get me. 


Happy 10th Blog Anniversary. Thank you for reading. 

Songs of the Day:
"Six White Horses" by Gillian Welch
"Root Down" by The Beastie Boys
"Got to Have Rock & Roll" by The Heartless Bastards
"My Heart Has Mind of Its Own" by Connie Francis

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