Hello, life / Photos from SD

Hello, life. It's me, Diane.

It seems like just yesterday when I was eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch at my parents' house, listening to the Spice Girls on my walkman.

Today, I am typing on my Macbook Pro with a warm, dappled wiener dog in my lap... wondering what-the-eff I am going to wear when I open up for Nelly in front of 2K+ hip-hop fans.

This weekend, I'll be attending a wedding with my partner. I am deeply in love. I also am deeply (?) new at being out. Weddings!

This month I was on the cover of Fargo Monthly.

Last month, I got the Fargo job of my dreams.

What is happening? 

I can't sleep. My mind is so busy. I keep forgetting things. For example, I couldn't remember where I parked my car after this trippy-dippy show (Tobacco) last night. It took me several loops of walking to come to a conclusion.

This is actually all very normal stuff for me... that is, the forgetful, busy-mind thing.

So if you ever talk to me in person and I seem aloof, never take it personally. I can be a total space cadet -- ESPECIALLY at shows. Perhaps people already know this.

Do I sound like I am  undervaluing myself? I know I do sometimes. I am very hard on myself. I think people know that too. I think I write it out because it's how I process.


Hello, life. You're good to me. Thank you. Duh... And I am finding ways to make as much as I can work for myself and for others. Thanks to everyone for their support and kindness. I always want to give support and kindness back as much as I can.


Photos from SD (San Diego)

Diane Miller