I'm voting for Hillary

 I'm voting for Hillary. Her powerful intellect, broad experience base and compelling desire to better the country -- for all Americans -- make her fit for president.

For president, America deserves better than a raging egotist with a maturity level of a pre-teen (Trump). Should a man who's incapable of get through a debate or speech without overusing grandiose, un-evidenced, non-specific defense claims be ruler of the most powerful country in the world?

Hillary is the only person who can defeat him. A vote for anyone else (or non-vote) may count for something, but it certainly won't do much to halt a hateful, bigoted man from becoming ruler of our precious country.

I know I can at the very least can count on Hillary to push for modern civil rights and communicate like an informed, sensible leader. She's got my vote on November 8. 

Diane Miller