Work and Life: A Personal Update

Zach Davis Photography

Zach Davis Photography

Dear, I've been neglecting you. Here's what's new:

I'm months into my new promoting job at The Aquarium. It's a challenge. I feel like I'm learning from scratch. I have been unleashed into the world of risk, tickets, booze and rock music without a true mentor. I got agencies asking me about backends, percentages, per diems and green-room hummus (always gotta have hummus). I got people asking me for dates and dollars that I don't always have. I got a small community of metal heads feeling threatened by my presence. I got musicians asking me for athletic socks and Magic-The-Dragon playing cards.

I have yet to follow through on any of those weirdo rider requests I've received. I ignore them. Does that mean I'm failing?

The Aquarium's latest flyer

The Aquarium's latest flyer

On the flip side of all this, I've experienced some exceptional kindnesses. I have more creative freedom than ever before. I have some wonderful supporters. I'm energized to book and promote more. And I know there's an abundance of opportunity and growth ahead of me. I've also had great help... thank you Jack Stenerson, Josie Gereszek, Jeff Fonder, Klaus Meyers, Bert Meyers, Erik Johansen, Troy Gion, Chad Frankl, Matt Oland, Michael Paul Nelson, Carly Bishoff and so many others for helping me find direction.

Like many, I have a healthy, nourishing relationship with music. I'm happy this job allows me to utilize myself in resourceful ways. Not to mention, Dempsey's and The Aquarium are such familiar and happy territories for me.


More than 200 people have taken this Aquarium improvement survey so far. My goal is 500. You must be a music fan to take it... Please, unleash your knowledge and honesty here:

I plan on releasing a survey analysis after I reach my goal. There's been some interesting feedback. Thank you to Josie Gereszek for putting the survey together and executing the idea.


Diane Miller