Dear new website ...

Hello ... this should be an interesting time.

In high school, updating my blog was my jam. Today, I am going to see if I can remake it my jam. I haven't blogged in a long time... I wrote and edited for a newspaper. I liked it. But I convinced myself that I wasn't cut out for it. For a variety of reasons. Some of which are very apparent.

So I'm gonna try this again. 

I'm going to write about my day to day thoughts and endeavors.


Like this morning I took the wiener dog out for a 2, listened the the WTF Podcast with Chuck K. And this afternoon I put away some knick-knack treasures... and now this: Typing and Clicking.

Thought of the Day: Chuck Klosterman has geeky cartoon voice and has a strange interpretation of what it means to be conservative. I too like meals and friends that are familiar to me. But. ?.

Song of the Day: "Dreaming of You" - Selena

Photo of the Day:

Diane Miller