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Hi, I'm Diane Miller. This is my first *official* dianemiller.website blog post.

I just moved back to Fargo-Moorhead after living in the Twin Cities for 9 months. I'm playing music, booking music, beertending and, now, blogging.

Here's one lesson I've learned: Expect the unexpected.

Here's another: Treat yah-self.

Here's a third: It's good to clip your finger- and toenails regularly.

Fourthly: Minneapolis' arts and culinary scene is so much more risqué than Fargo's. 

Fifth lesson: Moving away is wonderful for the soul. I highly recommend it. But note that a highly accessible support system is necessary.

Here's a question I've been getting asked a lot since moving back: "You still doing anything with HPR?"

Yes, but just as a contributor -- from time to time. I value the experience I got from working as an editor, though I'm happy to not have that responsibility anymore. I like writing and talking to interesting people.. I don't miss editing, heavy reporting and political commentating -- even though it can be addicting and fulfilling at times.

PS, I don't mind answering these questions from people. It's flattering to be asked.

Here's another ? I can address: "Are you back for good?"

I don't know. I love this community but .... Probably not ... HOWEVER, expect the unexpected. Am I right?!?!?

Want to know and hear more? Please visit in regularly. This is gonna be SO much fun!! And I'm not saying that sarcastically, I assure you.

I made this website so people can have easy access to my music and show calendar... and so I can fully present my raw, untethered (online?) self. I filter myself a bit on social media.

Photo by Zach Davis

Photo by Zach Davis

Diane Miller