3 things I don't like / unreasonability / San Diego, go!

number one: I don't like when people tell me "aren't you hot?" in reference to me overdressing

number two: I don't like it when I forget people's names. I also don't like it when people make you feel like you're a butthole for forgetting. 

number three: I don't like olives.

(next post, I'll do three things I do like. How about that?)


Isn't it amazing how people pride themselves on their tastes in music, movies or sports teams? As if we feel better about ourselves for liking certain artists or teams. I know I am guilty of this. Is "guilty" the appropriate word to use for this? This topic really fascinates me because this "music pride" or "team pride" is mostly illogical and unreasonable. Right? It just feels good to adore or rally for things that are exquisite or strong.


I will be in San Diego, California on Friday. It is the birthplace of my older sister. It also the location of my cousin Ate Conchita, among others. She's getting married.

I don't always do well at weddings, but I'm going to give this one my darnedest. My mom's family is pretty incredible.


My next show at Fargo Brewing Company's birthday party on Sept 9. I'm debuting a jazzy, improvisational hip-hop band! Oh, I hope you see it!


And don't miss this one:

Diane Miller