Fargo-Moorhead needs an outdoor destination

Fargo-Moorhead would be a profoundly better place to live if it was beautified. No, we don't have mountains or lakes to stare at.  And I'm not saying Fargo-Moorhead is ugly. It's just ... neutral looking. 

How about we have one very extravagant outdoor destination at one of our parks? Lindenwood or Johnson Park. Perfect. Can we pay an artist to do some sort of extraordinary mural around an extra large titanium water spring? We can't build a mountain, but we can build a fountain ... or a relaxing, beautiful, outdoor spot to hang out.

Tax dollars on city beatification? Hell yes. Better visuals, better living. 


On a more serious note:

Today marks the 9th day of August in the year 2016. Today marks the 9th day in August that I have lived in 2016. Tomorrow, will be the 10th day. And on the 10th day, will have lived 10 days in August of 2016.

Thank you.


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