Astronautalis and Oxymorrons: A Short Fargo Recap

Fargo, ND -- Minneapolis-based rapper Astronautalis had a militant, villain-esc voice. He had an aggressive stage presence yet was filled with charisma and profound charm. When he talked to the crowd he was sincere and present. He acknowledged that his songs are “sad” and that sometimes we all need to have time to express our negative emotions. But he made it a point to end the set by “dancing our fucking brains out” and leaving the show happy and feeling good about life. One highlight of the show was Astronautalis's flawless monologue about his life background and how he got to where he is now. He didn’t miss a beat and his words flew out of his mouth as if he were a brilliant superhuman power. The crowd went nuts.

Oxymorrons, a group from Queens, raged on stage. They’re a five piece hip hop band with two emcees that feed off each other’s wild, magnetic energy. Their music incorporates melodic, indie-style singing and modern-style rapping. The band mimics their energy with heavy rock grooves and engaging rhythmic riffs.

I opened for both groups. Beatboxing, synth-ing and singing. All my instrumental ideas are crammed into looped four-bar phrases. So I rely on my voice to do most of the interesting work. It feels very exposed and intimate. The crowd was quite the whole time. I was delighted but not expecting it. I prefer to play with a band because it's easier for me to let loose. On the flip side it’s much easier to understand my lyrics when I’m not singing over 3 to 6 instrumentals.

Diane Miller