Best of 2016: Music and so on

I tried not to think about this too hard. Here goes...

My favorite record:
"We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service" - A Tribe Called Quest
The kind rap music I miss so much ... mixed with the kind of rap music that's so new and fresh. This record is a goddamn treasure to me.

My favorite concert:
Babes in Toyland @ The Aquarium, Fargo
I saw so many incredible shows last year. This one stands out as the most pleasurable, powerful and thrashable.

My favorite song:
"No Problem" - Chance The Rapper
Too cliche for a rapper to choose this song? I don't care. Chance is youth leader... of rap, of music, of new 'merica.

5th Anniversary Show | Photo by Noel Strauss

5th Anniversary Show | Photo by Noel Strauss

My favorite late-discovery song:
"Tilted" - Christine & The Queens
After I watched them perform this song on Jimmy Fallon and I couldn't stop dancing and swooning.

My favorite personal performance:
D Mills & The Thrills 5th Anniversary show at The Sidestreet
Cause it was a celebration of years of hard work, songwriting, performing and community. And we had a line outside the door all night long.

My favorite movie:
"Wiener Dog"
WTF? Yeah, it's the one.

My favorite book:
"The ONE Thing" by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan
It's helping me slowly destroy my inner beast.

My favorite jog:
A 10-miler along the Mississippi, starting and ending at the Minnehaha Falls.
Nature jogs feed my soul, nourish my brain and heal my pain. 

My favorite birthday party:
Raul Gomez's 40th
Not only was it joyous, carefree and bonkers; I fell in love here.

My favorite accomplishment:
Opening for Nelly and Sammy Adams
I can confidently say I performed that 15-minute slot like a girl-off-the-street boss.

My favorite job:
Head Promoter of The Aquarium
I had like six jobs or something this year. I love my new job. 

My favorite salad:
Rustica's Kale Salad
I've never ordered salads at Restaurants until 2016. Hail, Caesar. Rejoice, kale! Kudos, Rustica!

My favorite shoes:
Clarks Desert Booth
They're flat as fuck and have little support. But they look cool and that's all that matters. 

My favorite drink:
Gin and Soda
I'll take a gin and soda, please.

My favorite TV show:
Lady Dynamite
Maria Bamford is odd in the most treasureful way. She makes me laugh to the point of gasping, huffing and hardcore facial cinching.

My favorite person:
To love and be loved ... 

I could go on but I think that's enough for this post.

Diane Miller