Thrills release record / The Aquarium thoughts /

Hello blog readers. Some big things are happening.

My band is releasing an album on April 22 -- record store day / earth day. I swear this was not planned. 

Based on my reactions listening to the record ........ I think it sounds amazing. Hooray for D Mills & The Thrills! We've worked a long, hard time on this project ... so long that the songs are old, as a matter of fact... 4 to 6 years old to be exact. But damn, the work the band has done on the music is exceptional.

Major shout out The Thrills. 

What's next? As much as I wanna say, who gives a fuck -- I do give a fuck. I hope people like it and I hope people listen to it.

So please check it out April 22 ... whether you've seen D Mills & The Thrills before and like our stuff... whether you've never heard our stuff and are curious... or check out our stuff if you wanna give us a second (or third) try. It'll be on iTunes and Spotify and stuff. Also, Snoop Dogg's full-time engineer mastered it. It's 100% true!

Aquarium, Fargo:
Icehouse, Minneapolis:


On another note, I'd like to say things are going fine at The Aquarium. I've had plenty of excellent moments, doofus moments, ear-blowing moments, thrilling moments and WTF am I doing moments. All in all -- swell moments. I will continue doing the best I can, for The Aquarium is simply the best establishment in the entire state of North Dakota. 


I always think... someday I'm gonna write a book about how this shy, tomboy, b-ball obsessed track athlete became a rap star in her hometown of Fargo, ND. Better yet, a lesbian music promoter. Better yet, a highly sensitive "local celebrity" who's obsessed with her wiener dog. And perhaps down the road, a rockstar of the entire world -- destined for greatness in all things. 

AmIawesome? #Right

Diane Miller